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WiFi Appliances That Will Talk To You

If you are using smart appliances, then this is for you. The Genava appliances are some of the best that interface with other smart products.  Amazon Alexa is a product that will interact with all the smart appliances in your home.

Google assistent is another product that you can ask questions to get your products doing the things that you want and need.

Geneva, the voice control assistant for GE’s suite of WiFi Connect Appliances, is available on both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

smart appliances GenovaGE smart appliances

Alexa is Amazon’s voice service that provides capabilities, or skills, enabling you to interact with smart home devices in a more intuitive way using voice. Alexa works on Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show and Amazon Fire TV devices. Say “Alexa, enable the Geneva skill”.

Google Assistant is a conversation between you and Google. Just ask your Google Assistant questions and let it help you get things done. Geneva Home works with the Google Assistant on Google Home devices, Pixel phones and select Android phones. Find Geneva by saying “Talk to Geneva Home”.

What you are seeing here where the world is changing rapidly and we need to adapt to this change. Life is becoming easier with some of these products that will help to prepare things for you.

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