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6 Helpful Tips For Benefits of a Good Running Kitchen

More cook surface, additional storage, and maybe even some seating? There’s a lot to love about a kitchen island.

kitchen ideasSo what is the most important factors that make up a great functioning kitchen? Is the answer to have better organization skills? What about having more up to date appliances?

We just redid our kitchen and one of the things that we decided that we needed for our kitchen was having an island. We thought that would give us more counter area that is functional as well as additional storage area for pots and pans and such.

But what is the right answer?  Is one of the answers to have more tools and gadgets? Lets find out what the experts say is the right answer.

If one thing can transform a kitchen overnight, it’s the addition of an island. And luckily, there are kitchen island options to fit nearly any size room and any size budget.

If you don’t have a kitchen island and aren’t sure what you have to gain, or if you’re considering a kitchen redo that may or may not have space for an island, check out these six benefits of a kitchen island.

Here is a list of some of the items that make up a great kitchen island:

  1. Seating: Islands can add room for more seating, choose seats or stools that help with the flow of traffic.
  2. Storage: One thing that the island can provide is storage by the use of hooks for pots and pans. you can also have additional storage with cabinets with shelves and drawers. Great for more area other than just an additional countertop.
  3. Flexibility: One of the things that an island can provide is being able to move it out of the way. This can make for more area for larger gatherings. It can be moved into another room for use there. Remember to make sure that at the bottom there are some type of casters or rollers.
  4. Prep and serving space: This area can be used for chopping and making your favorite dishes. Also can be used for staging dinners, plates and more. If you are a baker you can make the top out of some type of butcher block or stainless steel.
  5. Amenities and appliances: Most well-planned kitchen layouts focus on creating a triangle between common work spots – cooking surface, sink, and fridge. A kitchen island can be a great way to maximize that working arrangement by including space for a sink or small appliances. If budget allows, outfit your island with pop-up shelves that stash bigger essentials such as a stand mixer.
  6. A Family hub: When you have an area where people gravitate to, it is good for the family. You can also have some small appliances on the top.

One of the great things about a kitchen island is all the possibilities that you have to do with. These items above are just some idea’s on what you can do with your island.


So many things, design ideas are just so many. The island can be long and skinny, maybe square or in some cases even a “L” shape can work out for some families. Just depends on what your plans are for your islands.

Stock your kitchen with a dozen budget smart kitchen tools to help meet your cooking and baking needs.

Remember all the items that you got for your kitchen when you got married and you have never used them yet, or maybe you used them once, then maybe it is time to get rid of those things.

You know that beautiful crystal plate that you got for something (you probably forgot why you got it) it is not that functional, just get rid of that too.

Here are some ideas for what you can keep in your kitchen that makes it more functional:

  • Chef’s knife: Chop, dice, and cut like your fave cooking-show star with this knife. Opt for the 8-inch version–long enough to be versatile but small enough to handle even for the novice cook.
  • Mini food processor: This item can make quick work of a long list of items a recipe, a must have.
  • Hand mixer: This is a must tool that every kitchen has to have. Easy mixing.
  • Chopping board: Another must have to make things easy for chopping.

This is just a short list of things that you can use in the kitchen.

In conclusion

There are many more items that you can add to your kitchen. Utensils, measuring cups and much much more.

The island is a great addition to a functioning kitchen. It is all a matter of the way that you lay out the island. There are so many different ways to do it. With or without storage, rectangular or square.

So much and so many different ideas and also so many items that you can add to make the kitchen more functional.  Islands can also add additional value to your home also.

They say if you want to add value to your home, work on your kitchen or your bathrooms. Both of these can and will add value to your homes, which is what all of us are looking for.

Give your island and the appliances that you add some thought, it will be of value when it is all done. We just did this to our home and man is it making a difference for us.

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